GTAM - Stage 8: Genova refuge - San Giacomo d'Entracque
Grande traversée Alpi Marittime
GTAM - Stage 8: Genova refuge - San Giacomo d'Entracque

8. GTAM - Stage 8: Genova refuge - San Giacomo d'Entracque

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After a short climb, the descent down the south-eastern slopes of Col de Fenestrelle reaches the Soria-Ellena refuge. The last descent then begins towards San Giacomo di Entracque, along a track which can be used by vehicles.
The locality of San Giacomo, located where the Moncolomb and Barra valleys join, was chosen by King Victor Emmanuel II as the site for a hunting lodge.

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The Genova Figari Refuge

To valorize the hiking trails along the Argentera Massif, in the last years of the nineteenth century the Liguria chapter of CAI decided to build a refuge near the upper Gias del Monighet, in the Vallone della Rovina. The Genova Refuge, as it was named, was inaugurated on 15 August 1898.
But the fate of the first refuge in the Maritime Alps was definitively sealed in 1968: the reservoir of the new Chiotas dam would submerge it permanently. ENEL assumed the task of building another refuge, which was inaugurated in 1981.
The refuge is named for Bartolomeo Figari, who as Secretary General of CAI saw both the successful conquest of K2 and the birth of the National Alpine Rescue Corps, to which he bequeathed all his worldly goods.

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When you leave the Genova refuge, turn left onto the track which runs alongside the shores of Bacino del Chiotas. Having crossed a mountain stream, turn right onto the path which begins with a few staircases following the white and red GTA Colle di Fenestrelle markers. Head up a series of fine hairpin bends heading through grassy slopes until you reach a promontory at 2300 metres, which is where the path heads downhill for a few metres (white and red markers supplemented by orange ones). After a valley where snow can remain on the ground late into the season (proceed with caution), turn right on a flatter section. Go across two large permanent pools on the left then on the right before reaching Colle Fenestrelle at 2463 metres. Continue along the M11 path with white and red markers and you will first reach some ruins below the col and then a flatter grassy section at 2412 metres. Continue the descent along this pleasant path until you reach the bottom of the Gias Alve valley, below the Ellena Soria refuge at 1783 metres altitude. Turn left onto the track which can be used by vehicles following the M11 GTA red and white markers. At an altitude of 1738 metres, you can turn right onto an unmarked path to take a shortcut across a few of the hairpin bends on the track. Go past the foot of the high-altitude waterfall at 1409 metres altitude then head alongside the cow barn. Continue along the track to reach the hamlet of San Giacomo at an altitude of 1202 metres.
Departure : Genova refuge
Arrival : San Giacomo d'Entracque
Towns crossed : Entracque

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