GTAM - Stage 13: Pian delle Gorre refuge - Don Barbera refuge
Grande traversée Alpi Marittime
GTAM - Stage 13: Pian delle Gorre refuge - Don Barbera refuge
Chiusa di Pesio

13. GTAM - Stage 13: Pian delle Gorre refuge - Don Barbera refuge

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This stage allows you to head, after a long climb up to the Pas de Scarason, onto the immense karst plateau of Marguareis.
The Marguareis is a limestone Alpine mountain which owes its reputation to the famous Piaggia Bella network of caves, the second biggest in Italy, spreading over 43km. More than 700 caverns have been identified in it.

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  • Geology

    La Conca delle Cársene

    The Conca delle Càrsene is a vast plateau consisting of limestone rocks, characterized by expanses of bare, white rocks alternating with grassy cover.
    It manifests the typical aspects of karst areas with limestone pavement, dolines and sinkholes. A superficial hydrographic network is completely missing: rain and snow meltwater are immediately absorbed and give rise to the resurgence of Pis del Pesio, located several hundred metres below.
    Curiously, there are also areas located beyond the Alpine watershed, such as Plan Ambreuge, that are part of the catchment area, so water falling south of the Alps, after an underground journey, flow out on the Italian side.

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From the refuge, head to the right around the picnic area and find the marker which indicates Passo di Baban via the H10 path on the left, and then a few minutes later on the right as you go across the footbridge following the direction for Gias Fontana. At the following footbridge, at a marker, turn left following the direction for Gias Fontana. At 1155 metres in altitude, when you have reached a marker, turn left along the path which heads upwards towards Gias Fontana (H10 path). At 1221 metres at Gias de la Fontana, turn left for Passo Del Duca when you reach a marker after the two buildings and continue along the hairpin bends of a path with red and white markers in a beech forest. At 1358 metres altitude, a marker for an optional return trip to Cascata Del Pis Del Pesio can be found. Once you are back, turn left onto the H10 path towards Passo Del Duca. At 1412 metres, at the marker, turn right for Passo Del Duca and go past the Gias Delli Arpi hut at the foot of Testa Di Murtel, heading up some neat hairpin bends and ending up on a promontory with a panoramic view, then continue along the path on the right with no direction indicated and you will quickly find a marker, at which you should turn right onto the H10 GTA Passo Del Duca. After the narrow rocky passage of Passo Del Duca, head down over several metres and you will find the marker for Passo Scarasson on a bend, turn left onto it; the path is not very clearly defined but there are many white and red markers along it. Reach Passo Scarasson at an altitude of 2310 metres, rising gradually along the valley’s east side (take care over certain rocky areas and limestone pavement zones). Continue downhill on the southern slope until you reach the track that can be used by vehicles. Turn left. At an altitude of 2081 metres, leave the track and turn left onto a path following the indication provided by the Refuge Don Barbera marker. Reach the Collet del Lago Dei Signori marker at 2111 metres, very close to the Don Barbera refuge.
  • Departure : Pian delle Gorre refuge
  • Arrival : Don Barbera refuge
  • Towns crossed : Chiusa di Pesio, Briga Alta, and La Brigue

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