GTAM - Stage 3: Sambuco - Bagni di Vinadio

3. GTAM - Stage 3: Sambuco - Bagni di Vinadio

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A stage which mainly takes place within forests on the right bank of the Vallée Stura which winds below the northern slope of Monte Vaccia and joins with the Vallon du Corborant.
The thermal springs of Bagni di Vinadio have been well-known since ancient times. The sulphurous water flows out of the spring at 75°C and is therapeutic for various illnesses and conditions.


From the square in front of Sambuco townhall, walk in a westerly direction through the alley following the white and red GTA markers. Go along the road via two bends to reach the bottom of the valley. Go past the Giuglieno cemetery. At 1132 metres altitude, at the intersection with the road to Col de Larche, cross a bridge and continue along the tarmacked road for a few metres until the Monte Vaccia P56 GTA marker. Turn left to begin along the path. At the crossroads with the forest road, take the path opposite following the indication on the marker. At 1525 metres, at the water intake for the commune of Sambuco, turn left as indicated by the markers. Head rapidly upwards via a series of short hairpin bends in a larch forest which thins out as you arrive at a short flatter section. Continue in an east-south-easterly direction, rising gradually. After a rocky spur, you will reach 2180 in a grassy valley where a marker provides a reminder of the way to Monte Vaccia. Reach Col Rico di Monte Vaccia and head alongside the ruins at 2241 metres altitude. Continue straight on, following the P25 Bagni di Vinadio markers. Shortly after, continue to your left; do not take the path which heads to the right. You will reach the forest, following white and red markers. Continue the descent via a long series of hairpins until Borgata Luca at 1585 metres. There, take the track which can be used by vehicles on the left, following the Strepeis markers, avoiding encroaching onto private property. You well then cross the hamlet of Luca in a straight line between the houses and following the white and red markers. Go downhill on the right when you reach some picnic tables and you will find the corner of a vegetable garden. Continue to the left via the path which reaches the edge of the forest. Turn left at the right-angled corner. You will then reach a few hairpin bends in the forest with white and red markers. Cross the mountain stream via a bridge (white and red GTA markers on the ground). Continue along a track which can be used by vehicles and a few minutes later, join the tarmacked road, on a corner. Head down the road to the left until the tight right-hand bend of the hamlet of Besmorello. There, head down to the left and leave the road onto a path with Strepeis markers. Arrive in a cobbled alley in Bagni di Vinadio which leads to the San Giovanni Battista church at 1300 metres altitude. 50 metres from the church, a marker indicates the Strepeis Via Alpina P25 heading down to the left below the level of the road. After a few minutes, you will reach the tarmacked road. There, turn right and you will quickly reach Strepeis.
  • Departure : Sambuco
  • Arrival : Bagni di Vinadio
  • Towns crossed : Sambuco and Vinadio

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