Alta Via dei Re, stage 4: from Refuge Remondino to Refuge Genova Figari
Alta Via dei Re
Alta Via dei Re, stage 4: from Refuge Remondino to Refuge Genova Figari

4. Alta Via dei Re, stage 4: from Refuge Remondino to Refuge Genova Figari

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A rather constraining crossing, in a severe and wild environment. The whole route passes at the foot of more than 3000 meters of summit and the panoramas that we admire are really majestic.
A few lines are sufficient to describe the environment that hosts this stage: high mountain, with steep rocky walls, immense slopes covered with scree, basins often invaded by snow even in the heart of summer. Two lakes, one of which is artificial, await us on arrival at Refuge Genova Figari.

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  • Flora

    The saxifrage of Argentera

    The Argentera saxifrage (Saxifraga florulenta) is a herbaceous species already present on the mountains of the Argentera-Mercantour group before the ice ages. It lives in the fissures of siliceous rocks above 1600 meters of altitude. One of its most interesting characteristics is its very slow development: every year it produces very few leaves, it blooms after an interminable vegetative phase producing a panicle full of a hundred pinkish-white flowers and then dies, not before having dispersed thousands of tiny seeds.


Behind the Refuge Remondino (2464 m) we follow the red-white marks facing east. One immediately rises up steep slopes, going up canals and stones. Turning to the southeast, we leave on the left the trace for Lake Nasta, then we cross large almost flat slabs and we arrive at a second fork: we ignore in front of us the trace for the East Mercantour Pass and we turn left.

Not too steep and fairly stable rocky outcrops precede the short steep ramp leading to the Col de Brocan (2892 m, 1h40 from Refuge Remondino).

The descent into the Vallon de la Rovina is immediately abrupt: one crosses the detritic basin below, almost always covered with snow, staying on the left (when it is not better to pass directly the névé), then one crosses at the foot of rocky walls and one descends into the next valley, often also covered with snow. We stay on the left one more time, to go to find a trace of discreet path. The trace (round yellow marks and rare white and red marks) descends along a difficult, steep rocky outcrop to an altitude of about 2700 m.

One continues towards the east, along the line of maximum slope: around the altitude 2400 the marks lead first to the left (north), then again to the east to go down in a steep canal. A part on a wide ridge goes down finally on the pleasant path for the Col de la Rovina.

We follow it to the left, we go down a rocky ledge and we arrive at Brocan Lake (2004 m).

You will come to the Genova-Figari Refuge (2009 m, 1h55 from Brocan Pass).

Translated with
  • Departure : Remondino refuge (2464 m)
  • Arrival : Genova Figari Refuge (2009 m)
  • Towns crossed : Valdieri and Entracque

Altimetric profile


At Passo del Brocan it is possible to find snow all year round so it may be essential to have an ice ax and crampons for a safe crossing
Is in the midst of the park
The national park is an unrestricted natural area but subjected to regulations which must be known by all visitors.

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