Haute Route des Rois, stage 7: from Refuge Pagarì to San Giacomo d'Entracque
Alta Via dei Re
Haute Route des Rois, stage 7: from Refuge Pagarì to San Giacomo d'Entracque

7. Haute Route des Rois, stage 7: from Refuge Pagarì to San Giacomo d'Entracque

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From the highest refuge in the Maritime Alps, a long descent with endless hairpin bends leads to the Pra del Rasur plain. Here a easy dirt road leads to San Giacomo di Entracque.
Although the first part of the descent takes you through a wild setting, among 3000 metre peaks, both this stage, and the entire trek, end in a cool wood, with the spectacular monumental beeches at the former Royal Hunting Lodges, near San Giacomo.


From the Rifugio Federici Marchesini al Pagarì (2627 m) follow the path that descends to the east, losing height with numerous gradually wider hairpin bends. The path bends to the north-west (left), dropping with steep traverses, among rocks and alpine meadows. Just beyond the Rio Pagarì the trail flattens out for a short distance to the Passo sottano del Muraion, where it resumes with a long series of hairpin bends.
When the slope decreases you reach Rio Pantacreus (which, in high water, can be crossed on the wooden footbridge just above the path); a little further on by a large rock, ignore the path to the Moncalieri Bivouac hut on the left. Now on a comfortable mule track, with a long traverse descend to Gias Colombo, turn right to cross the stream on a long footbridge and then continue north to the remains of Gias sottano del Vej del Bouc (1437 m, 2.30 hours from the Federici Marchesini Refuge).
Follow the dirt road that leads down the valley from the gias, across the entire plains of Pra del Rasur, and climb briefly to over the ridge where you pass Gias del Rasur. From this point you continue to follow the road downhill, ignoring various shortcuts, until you arrive at the back of the former Royal Hunting Lodges, these are now used as summer camps by religious orders (fountain).
Here you a tarmac road continues the descent to the bridge over the Torrente Gesso della Barra and then to San Giacomo di Entracque (1209 m, 1:00 hour from Gias sottano del Vej del Bouc.

Departure : Federici Marchesini al Pagarì Refuge (2627 m)
Arrival : San Giacomo di Entracque (1209 m)
Towns crossed : Entracque

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