Grand Tour of Agentera and Vallée des Merveilles - Stage 7

3 points of interest

  • Refuge

    La Cougourde refuge

    Club Alpin Français

    Warden: June – September: Manuel Putelat

                 September – June: Charly Barcelo: 06 18 54 02 43

    Reservations by telephone or e-mail:

    Refuge landline: 09 78 23 31 59




    Useful numbers:

    St-Martin-Vésubie Tourism Office: 04 93 03 21 28

    Park House: 04 93 03 23 15
  • History and historical trail

    Trails of Freedom

    Betwee the 8th and 13th of September, 1943, just days after Italy's surrender, about twelve hundred Jewish civilians of all ages and walks of life, originating from Saint-Martin Vésubie, crossed the Alps together with the Italian troops of the IV Army Corps. On foot, following two different routes, over the Colle di Finestra and the Colle di Ciriegia, the refugees arrived, respectively, in Entracque and Valdieri, where they were housed in the barracks and wherever else possible. A plaque affixed to the wall of the barracks at Colle di Ciriegia commemorates these events.

  • Flora

    The silver fir fir

    The white fir covers entire slopes in purity, since, like the beech, it takes advantage of the climatic conditions of this strip of the Alps so close to the sea. The current diffusion of this conifer, particularly within the beech woods, is in any case reduced compared to its potential, because in the past it was disadvantaged by human action to the benefit of the beech, producer of a more requested type of fuel.


Head downhill to Le Boréon following GR52 until m423. There, take the path which is on your right and remain on GR52 until m380 then m379. Leave GR52 and continue towards the cow barn at Les Erps (m378) and then head across the vast Cavalet plateau (m.374, 373). Head past the small cow barn on your left and continue along the steep climb in a pretty but sparse larch forest until you reach around 2100m altitude. You will then leave the forest and reach a series of hairpin bends and subsequently a flatter section scattered with boulders which shelters the small Lac de Cerise (2223m). Keep the lake on your right and further up you will reach the fork in the path which leads east to Lac du Mercantour (unmarked) and then after a final, fairly steep slope, to the col of Cerise which is located on the border (2543m - m.376) where a small bunker rises on the Italian side. Reach the Soria Elena refuge and then, further along the track, Terme di Valdieri (1368m).
  • Departure : Cougourde refuge
  • Arrival : Terme di Valdieri
  • Towns crossed : Saint-Martin-Vésubie and Valdieri

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The national park is an unrestricted natural area but subjected to regulations which must be known by all visitors.

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