Pra del Rasur and the lower Gias del Vei del Bouc
Pra del Rasur and the lower Gias del Vei del Bouc

Pra del Rasur and the lower Gias del Vei del Bouc

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An easy, comfortable walk, entirely on a dirt road that leads to the open, flat pastures of Pra del Rasur, for hikers of all ages.

For much of the ascent, the track passes through thick beech woods, followed by the broad, open meadows of Pra del Rasur, scarred by the traces of the floodwaters of the impetuous torrent that crosses them.


A few dozen meters downvalley from San Giacomo di Entracque (1209 m), the track crosses a bridge over the Gesso della Barra torrent. Passing by the picnic grounds and the turnoff for Ponte della Rovina and Trinità di Entracque on the left, the route follows the paved road, closed to private traffic, that crosses through woods full of magnificent beeches and firs before coming to the former Royal Hunting Lodge and the Principessa Elena barracks, which now serve as lodgings for summer camps and are owned by religious groups.
Behind them (fountain), the road becomes unpaved as it penetrates the Vallone di Moncolomb, climbing up in switchbacks, still through shady beech woods. After a long tract in the woods, having passed by several secondary paths and turnoffs (mostly shortcuts), the track passes by the humble Gias dell'Aiera (1342 m, 30 minutes from San Giacomo), the point of departure of an old mule track used by Savoy hunting parties. The route continues on the unpaved road, which, when it levels off, comes to the mouth of the Pra del Rasur.
Passing by the old (and not easy to spot) mule track on the left for the Vallone Frassinetto, the track emerges from the woods and also passes by the short extension to the Gias del Rasur on the left.
The dirt track descends into the broad pasture meadow below and runs through it on the orographic right of the torrent until reaching its end at the ruins of the lower Gias del Vei del Bouc (1437 m, 40 minutes from the Gias dell'Aiera).
This is the point of departure for the trail leading to Lake del Vei del Bouc and the trail for the Federici Marchesini al Pagarì Refuge.

Departure : San Giacomo di Entracque (1209 m)
Arrival : lower Gias del Vei del Bouc (1437 m)
Towns crossed : Entracque

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Is in the midst of the park
The national park is an unrestricted natural area but subjected to regulations which must be known by all visitors.


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Access and parking

From Borgo San Dalmazzo drive up the Valle Gesso. After passing Valdieri, turn left for Entracque. Before entering the town, turn right for San Giacomo and then right again for San Giacomo. There is a parking fee in the summer season.

Parking :

San Giacomo parking - for a fee in summer

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