Rifugio Morelli - Buzzi

Rifugio Morelli - Buzzi

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A mule track in excellent condition climbs in a seemingly infinite series of regular switchbacks to the picturesque Lagarot di Lourousa. With its pools and grassy clearings, it is the ideal location for a mountain day trip in the fresh air.

Splendid beech and conifer woods flank the trail as it climbs, almost as far as the Lagarot. In the limpid pools of water one can see the reflection of the rock faces of Monte Matto. Chamois are often seen in both the woods and the ample, grass-covered basin.

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  • Lake

    The Lagarot di Lourousa

    Springwater, welling up among meadows and larches, forms numerous limpid pools and streams; the water is at times turquoise, at times milky and at others perfectly transparent, making this a particularly striking location, perfect for a contemplative rest. The Canalone di Lourousa, bordered by Monte Stella and the Corno Stella and scoured by the Gelas di Lourousa, lies beyond the plateau of the same name, and a look over one's shoulder yields a view of the imposing outline of Monte Matto.


Opposite the entrance gate to the driveway of the Hotel Royal in Terme di Valdieri (ca. 1353 m) a brief paved downhill stretch leads to the parking lot. Along this stretch, on the right, there is the beginning of the trail for the Lagarot di Lourousa and the Morelli Buzzi Refuge.
After a brief tract through the woods, the trail reaches the mouth of the Vallone di Lourousa and crosses over the torrent on a long wooden walkway. On the other side of the torrent the route joins a comfortable mule track that rises up the orographic right of the valley, shaded by thick woods.
There is an infinite series of switchbacks, never excessively steep, as the trail slowly picks up altitude. When the beeches give way to larches and firs, the panorama suddenly appears: to the rear, Monte Matto, to the right, the Vallone del Valasco, directly ahead the pinnacle of Corno Stella.
After a long traverse to the southeast, the trail comes to the Gias Lagarot and passes by it to the right. After crossing the plateau, the trail surmounts a hump with a few more switchbacks and, passing by a well-marked turnoff on the right next to a large larch, reaches the bowl of the Lagarot di Lourousa (1971 m, 2 hours and 5 minutes from Terme)
The pretty pools cannot be seen from the trail at this point, but they can be reached in just a few minutes by following the trail downhill to the right.
The abovementioned turnoff to the right of a large larch, on a switchback heading left, passes along the banks of the Lagarot di Lourousa above. The trail is still passable, but it is preferable to continue on the main trail to prevent erosion of the soil.

  • Departure : Terme di Valdieri (1353 m)
  • Arrival : Rifugio Morelli - Buzzi
  • Towns crossed : Valdieri

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Is in the midst of the park
The national park is an unrestricted natural area but subjected to regulations which must be known by all visitors.


Nuova Benese service company - Regular line Cuneo, Valdieri, Entracque - Telephone: 00 39 (0) 171 69 29 29 - www.benese.it

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Access and parking

Drive from Borgo San Dalmazzo up the Valle Gesso. Pass by Valdieri and continue on to Terme. There is a parking fee in the summer season.

Parking :

Parking Lourousa à Terme di Valdieri


Emergency number :114

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