L'anello delle cascine
L'anello delle cascine
Chiusa di Pesio

L'anello delle cascine

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Easy, well maintained paths, tracks and dirt roads alternate in this pleasant circular walk. There is good waymarking, but take care at the many forks along the way.
A pleasant walk, mostly in dense woodland, the tree species change as the route changes exposure across the valleys. The ridge at Cascina San Michele is rather panoramic. Interesting to imagine the land management in the days of the Carthusian monks, with the numerous farms scattered around the valley.

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  • History and historical trail

    The management of natural resources at the time of the Certosa

    The Vallone del Cavallo and the Vallone di San Bruno were used in the past for the supply of timber and for the production of charcoal. As evidence of the work of the Carthusian friars, who governed all the agro-forestry-pastoral activities of the upper valley, one can still find stones stuck vertically into the ground and marked with the red cross of the Certosa, used to delimit the boundaries of the various wooded plots.


From the entrance to the Charterhouse - Certosa di Pesio (843 m, drinking fountain) continue eastwards, on the dirt road that runs along the perimeter walls. Pass by the "Sentiero Naturalistico" to Pian delle Gorre on the right and the dirt road to the left for Cascina San Paolo, continuing straight on the dirt road.
A little further on, you pick up another dirt road and go left, keeping to the left at the next fork too.
Rounding the narrow ridge you are back in the Vallone di San Bruno, traversing a long stretch towards the north-east in dense forest. When the dirt road forks again, follow the right branch. At the first bend on the left, ignore the branch that goes straight, and at the next bend, pass by the track that leads off to the left.
With a long traverse to the south-west you return to the Vallone del Cavallo: the road gains altitude with a few long bends and arrives at Gias sottano del Baus 'd l'Ula (1284 m, 1:35 hours from Certosa di Pesio). .
At the gias take the easy path on the left that passes in front of the building. With slight ups and downs the path crosses steep slopes covered by firs and beech trees, then fords the stream in the Vallone di San Bruno.
Now begins a long stretch in slight descent that leads to Pra da Turta. Here you turn left, descending along the watershed to the nearby Cascina San Michele (1125 m, 0:40 mins from Gias sottano del Baus 'd l'Ula).
Continue on the wide and flattish meadow ridge until you come back into the woods. The trail loses altitude quickly and reaching Cascina San Paolo (1035 m, 0:15 mins from Cascina San Michele).
Follow the dirt road to the left that goes up the valley and leads onto a wider dirt road near the water course in the Vallone di San Bruno.
Follow the dirt road to the right, ignoring both a track to the left and a track that continues towards Cascina San Giuseppe. At this last junction return to the Vallone del Cavallo and, in a few dozen yards, you enter a dirt road, which you follow to the right. You are now back on the first leg of the outward journey and can return without difficulty to the Certosa di Pesio (843 m, 0:30 mins from Cascina San Paolo).

  • Departure : Certosa di Pesio (843 m)
  • Arrival : Certosa di Pesio (843 m)
  • Towns crossed : Chiusa di Pesio

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Is in the midst of the park
The national park is an unrestricted natural area but subjected to regulations which must be known by all visitors.

Access and parking

From Chiusa Pesio go up the Valle Pesio to the Charterhouse - Certosa di Pesio. Large car park available.

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