From Moulinet to La Déa
From Moulinet to La Déa

From Moulinet to La Déa

Archeology and history
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This hike constitutes an opportunity to explore the old summer pastures of Les Moulinois, before it leads you to La baisse de la Déa from where you can discover the atmosphere of the black woods of Breil.

A delightful climb among the former agricultural terraces which are abandoned today.

The passage through the ruins is a reminder of the importance of the summer pastureland in rural life at the start of the century. From the Baisse de la Déa, you can see La Bévéra on one side and La Roya on the other. When the weather is clear, you may even be able to see the sea…


From the square, take rue Carnot, the only road which heads up to the village.
At the crest of this road, turn right onto rue de l'Église, which ends at Place St Bernard. Continue on the left of the church via rue Gaspérini which leads you to the wash-house and the RD2566. Walk along this road, cross a stone bridge from which you can see an ice house on the left.

Continue for around 200m on the RD2566, then on your right, a marked path (marker 25) shows the way towards Capou. Having crossed the stone bridge over the Bévéra, a path which climbs in zigzags, from which you can see Moulinet, leads you to a flatter section after half an hour.

A very gentle slope subsequently leads to the barns of Peyrouna, and then, quarter of an hour’s walk later, to the barns of Capou. These places served as summer pastures until after the war; it was where the families of Moulinet grew cereals and vegetables for their winter stocks.

Continue along the path to reach the Barivière forest. Surrounded by pine trees, the atmosphere is refreshing. You will then start on the difficult passage which leads to the Baisse de la Déa. 

Follow the same route for the return journey.
  • Departure : Moulinet, Place St Joseph
  • Arrival : Moulinet, Place St Joseph
  • Towns crossed : Moulinet and Breil-sur-Roya

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If you go along the route quietly, you may see deer and birds of prey.
Is in the midst of the park
The national park is an unrestricted natural area but subjected to regulations which must be known by all visitors.

Information desks

Maison du Parc national du Mercantour - Tende

103 av du 16 septembre 1947, 06430 Tende

https://www.menton-riviera-merveilles.frtende-tourisme@menton-riviera-merveilles.fr04 83 93 98 82

La Maison du Parc se trouve dans les locaux de l'Office de Tourisme Menton, Riviera & Merveilles - Bureau de Tende


01/06, tous les jours de 8h30 à 17h.

Du 01/10 au 31/05.
Fermé le dimanche.
Fermetures exceptionnelles les 1er janvier, Lundi de Pâques, 1er mai, 1er novembre, 11 novembre et 25 décembre.
De 9h à 12h30 et de 14h à 17h.

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Office de Tourisme Menton, Riviera & Merveilles - Bureau de Sospel

1 place St Pierre, 06380 Sospel

https://www.menton-riviera-merveilles.frsospel-tourisme@menton-riviera-merveilles.fr04 83 93 95 70

Toute l'année. Tous les jours
Ouverture le lundi de 9h à 12h30 et de 13h30 à 17h. Le mardi, mercredi, jeudi, vendredi et samedi de 9h30 à 12h30 et de 13h à 17h.
Fermé le dimanche.
Fermetures exceptionnelles les 1er janvier, Lundi de Pâques, Jeudi de l'Ascension, 1er mai, 8 mai, 1er novembre, 11 novembre et 25 décembre.

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Access and parking

Parking :

Moulinet, Place St Joseph

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