Il giro delle borgate
Il giro delle borgate
Chiusa di Pesio

Il giro delle borgate

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Moving over all sorts of terrain, from paths to tarmac roads, along a well marked route. However, take care not to miss the waymarks at the many crossroads and forks. 
A curious circuit starting and ending at the Cappella dell'Olocco. It passes a number of hamlets and farms, some still used in the summer, many others now in ruins, all bearing witness to a time when the mountains were densely populated.


At the Cappella dell'Olocco (985 m) take the mule-track downhill to the south, on the Valle Pesio side of the hill, cross two streams to reach the village of Tetti Fuggin (917 m, 0:20 mins from the Cappella dell'Olocco, drinking fountain).
Follow the dirt road leading to the village down, and then take the path on the left that leads to Tetti Nonetta.
Passing opposite the abandoned houses, descend the Vallone Porcherott until you reach a dirt road. Here you go to the right, and a little later turn left onto the path to Tetti Mauri. The path passes through the ruins of Tetti Biroe, then pushes through a narrow gully to come out not far from Tetti Castel.
At Tetti Castel ignore the path on the left toTetti Baudinet and walk down along a dirt track; shortly, you come into another, broader track that you follow left to Tetti Rumanin.
Beyond the hamlet, a mule track crosses a meadow slope and on the left meets a second path for Tetti Baudinet. From this point it is still worthwhile going up to Tetti Mauri (903 m, 0:35 mins from Tetti Fuggin) a few hundred yards away, then retracing your steps to take the path to Tetti Baudinet.
Climb through the woods to Tetti Barril (934 m), where you turn sharp right: ignore the right branch to Tetti Colletto and, at the next fork, turn left. Reaching the wide wooded ridge, head uphill, (fairly steep), to the clearing where Tetti Baudinet stands. (1065 m, 0:35 mins from Tetti Mauri).
Ignore a track on the right for Tetti Colletto and climb the grassy ridge that leads to Stalle Baudinet; leaving the buildings on the right, the path winds through a dense beech coppice.
The path rises for a long time following the ridge, then the path turns sharp left (north) and levels out.
You now cross some steep slopes in the beech forest, reaching the surfaced road to Gias Mascarone. Follow the road to the left, for about 1.5 km, bringing you back to the Cappella dell'Olocco (985 m, 1:00 hour from Tetti Baudinet).

  • Departure : Cappella dell'Olocco (985 m)
  • Arrival : Cappella dell'Olocco (985 m)
  • Towns crossed : Chiusa di Pesio

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Access and parking

From Chiusa di Pesio go up the Valle Pesio to Vigna, here, turn left onto a narrow road which winds its way up to the Cappella dell'Olocco.

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