The Fremamorta Lakes circle
The Fremamorta Lakes circle

The Fremamorta Lakes circle

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One of the most spectacular excursions in the Park: the uphill climb, long and a bit taxing, is well rewarded by the panoramas of the Argentera that follow. The descent to Pian della Casa means that the return to the route's point of departure is on the unpaved road that runs along the valley floor.
Slopes covered with shrubs, sparse larch woods and finally debris lead to the mirror of Fremamorta, an incredible balcony overlooking the Serra dell'Argentera. As many as four lakes, lined up in single file just a few minutes from each other, which give a blue color to an environment dominated by the gray and brown tones of the rocks.

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  • History and historical trail

    The Umberto I shelter

    This is in fact a large barracks, designed to house 130 soldiers and 4 officers. Built in 1894, it was readapted on three separate occasions, the last of which in 1934, when another section was added on one side of the main building to house the kitchen, and a freestanding structure was also erected. The ruins of an old storage barn and stables can be seen just above the barracks.


From the high parking area of Gias delle Mosche (1592 m), where the asphalt ends, you go down towards the stream which you cross on a footbridge. The path continues towards the valley where it climbs up a detrital cone, continuing with an infinite series of hairpin bends inside the sparse larch wood. The path crosses to the south, loses altitude to go around a section in landslide, and starts to climb again. A long series of hairpin bends leads to the former military mule track that connected Valscura with Fremamorta, reached at the lake below Fremamorta (2354 m, 2:45 hours from the parking area).
Go to the left and, having passed the track on the left for the Bivacco Guiglia (2426m, recommended detour for the panorama), you reach the median lake of Fremamorta (2375m).
Ignore the path to Pian della Casa on the left and continue up to the ruins of the large Caserma Umberto I, where there is another crossroads on the left for Pian della Casa, used for the return.
First, however, the digression up to the two soprano lakes of Fremamorta is recommended (2371 m the largest of them, 0:30 hours from the lake below Fremamorta).
Returning to the Umberto I barracks, take the path (now on the right) which joins up with the mule track coming from Pian della Casa. Follow it to the right, descending to the edge of the Gias sottotano della Losa basin (here ignore the track to the left for Pian della Casa, for expert hikers), and go up to cross a ridge.
On the ridge, ignore the path to Colle di Fremamorta on the right and continue to descend with numerous hairpin bends until you enter the wider path leading to Colle di Ciriegia. Go left and you reach Pian della Casa del Re (or just Pian della Casa, 1735 m, 2:00 hours from the Soprani lakes of Fremamorta).
After crossing the stream over a bridge, take the dirt road in the direction of Terme and return to the Gias delle Mosche car park (1592 m, 0.30 hours from Pian della Casa del Re).

  • Departure : Parking lot at the Gias delle Mosche (1592 m)
  • Arrival : Upper Fremamorta Lakes (2371 m)
  • Towns crossed : Valdieri

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Is in the midst of the park
The national park is an unrestricted natural area but subjected to regulations which must be known by all visitors.


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SNCF line TER Provence Alpes-Côte d'Azur For travel in the PACA region and towards Cuneo

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Access and parking

From Borgo San Dalmazzo go up the Valle Gesso. After Valdieri, continue up to Terme. Passing behind the Hotel Terme, go up to the left in the Vallone della Valletta up to the Gias delle Mosche car park.

Parking :

Gias delle Mosche car park (1592 m)

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