The Esprit Parc National brand

The French National Parks have created a new commercial brand, "Esprit parc national". It is designed to support economic, touristic and agricultural activities that respect and enhance the local heritage of the national parks.

The Esprit Parc national © brand is common to the stakeholder of the ten French national parks.

Products and services marked Esprit Parc national © are visible on this site.

Mercantour Ecotourisme


The french association Mercantour Ecotourisme is a network of stakeholders of the Mercantour territory: farmers, craftsmen, mountain guides, accommodation providers, artists... Strongly attached to the territory, it works together to network the different actors of the territory, to develop and promote this territory of nature and mountains.

Ecoturismo in Marittime

The Italian association Ecoturismo in Marittime was born in 2002 with the aim of enhancing and promoting the protected area of the Parco Alpi Marittime. Ecoturismo in Marittime extends to the Ligurian Alps and allows public and private actors to work together and federate around the creation of a network of local operators.

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