Giro del Marguareis, stage 03: from Rifugio Mondovì to Rifugio Mongioie via Passo delle Saline
Giro del Marguareis
Giro del Marguareis, stage 03: from Rifugio Mondovì to Rifugio Mongioie via Passo delle Saline

3. Giro del Marguareis, stage 03: from Rifugio Mondovì to Rifugio Mongioie via Passo delle Saline

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This excursion to the land of alpine meadows and karsts has generally easy paths for crossing the pass, with however sometimes not easy paths. The passage over the Vene suspension bridge is impressive.
For this route taking place mainly between pastures and alpine meadows, hikers can prepare to encounter many varied landscapes: traces of ancient karstic phenomena, manifestation of erosions caused by runoff water on dolines and on betoires, then beautiful pine forest and pastures of Pian Rosse to complete this adventure.


Follow the dirt road to the Mondovi Havis De Giorgio Refuge back down. After a short while the road forks, take the right branch. The road continues for a long time on the flat, fording the watercourse in the valley bottom twice.
Just beyond the Gias Pra Canton, the dirt road climbs a rocky outcrop to a fork on the right with the path to Passo delle Saline.
Once you have taken the path, it leads to a plateau above. Signpost posts lead through meadows and outcropping rocks. Now the path runs through Alpine meadows(more marker posts) bends to the right and climbing to a grassy knoll.
Climb the steep slope (inopportune shortcuts) that leads to Passo delle Saline (2177 m, 1:40 hours from Rifugio Mondovì).
At the pass two paths are ignored: to the right for Cima delle Saline and to the left for Mongioie, it gets rather steep as you drop down into the Vallone delle Saline, between rounded slopes and pastures. Beyond the restored Gias delle Saline the landscape changes drastically.
In fact you are closed in by steep limestone walls, as you enter the narrow Gola delle Saline, which is overcome by crossing to the left (facing downhill).
Outside the gorge you cut down a debris slope, then, entering the wood, you leave the short detour to the Rifugio Ciarlo Bossi (1526 m) on the right.
A little further on you reach the ruins of Tetti delle Donzelle (1516 m, 1:10 hours from Passo delle Saline).
At the junction near the ruins, turn left onto the wide path that reaches the Colla di Carnino (1594 m, 0:15 mins from Tetti delle Donzelle) through a beautiful pine forest.
Continue on the opposite side of the modest pass, over flattish ground and slight slopes, and pass the stream that flows into the Vallone delle Fuse by a suspension bridge (if not in use, use the path on the left just before the bridge).
After a few turns down hill you start to traverse again. Ignore the path on the right for Viozene and climb slowly: leaving the forest and continue on flat ground on a sunny ridge. Once you reach the wide Pian Rosso plateau, you get onto a dirt road; following it to the left you reach Rifugio Mongioie (1550 m, 1:00 hour from Colla di Carnino).

  • Departure : Rifugio Mondovì (1755 m)
  • Arrival : Rifugio Mongioie (1550 m)
  • Towns crossed : Briga Alta and Ormea

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The national park is an unrestricted natural area but subjected to regulations which must be known by all visitors.

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